Friday January 1st 1943

Nice day, calm  but heavy swell and cold. I feel fine in the morning till dinner time. when I went to the lav. Then the pain took me again, terribly so. In agony, could not ease it standing. laying or sitting. Glad it did not come on before dinner, for a lovely New Year meal was served from the galley. Twice I went to bed , got up again back to work, could not let my mate do it all . Eventually, after tea was served , I had to go. I just left the galley saying nothing and went to bed but not to ease. I was holding myself  when the steward came in and saw me. He said I am to see a Doc. as soon as we reach New York. Am still suffering for what  I have done, I wonder. Shall I go on this way for my wanderings  and pain and torture I have caused others. But I'll stick it out yet. I am wearing your pullover now Mai, in the galley. It is cold up here, I am making it dirty but I must wear it.

They tried to gas the Corvette again today but failed. Once she bumped into us and made everyone come up on deck, fearing the worse.  she damaged her stern, all bent in. Good job the depth charges did not go off or we should have gone off as well.

Study the tea tariff:

  • Fish and Chips not a "4d and 2 pennorth"
  • Dry Hash
  • Cold Meat (Ham) Salad
  • Cake

For dinner

  • Soup
  • Chicken
  • Beans and peas
  • Roast and boiled
  • Stuffing
  • Apple Tart, Custard
  • Cheese, Coffee


They have changed the watch from aircraft to subs, so we are over half way. New York probably on Monday week, see how far I am wrong. I put Calenders up today. I have been wondering about you all this New Years  Day. Please God it will be a good year for us all. I had plenty of company tonight, seven in my cabin and rum. Lad came in with rush saying " Flares are going up", that means subs. I started dressing but changed my mind, bum hurts to much, so got back into bed. Bum! to the subs.

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