Monday 22nd February 1943

Rest time. Well, we have some excitement last night. About 11 o'clock a sub was reported. All hands "Ready Aye Ready" guns loaded, straining our eyes through the moon lit seas for a periscope but we saw nothing. I eventually turned in, tired and fed up but could I sleep? No, not for the life of me. I was smoking and eating oranges at 1.30 this morning. "Thoughts" damn them, my mind would not go to sleep, it's horrible. Consequences up at 6 utterly fatigued before I start a fresh day. I saw some whales today, the spouting kind. They are enormous things and I've also seen some of the queerest looking fish ever. They float on top with a kind of big balloon on them which also acts as a sail and fin. They are white.

The Commodore threatened to fire at us today if we through any more rubbish over board. It happened not to be us at all as enquiries were made. It must have been an enormous quantity of rubbish, still, our Commodore is Yanky. Perhaps that accounts for it. Now I'm going to take my rest.

It is very dark out tonight I cannot imagine where the moon has gone. Yet it is 10 o'clock. I have just come up from the Frig. The Cook and I have put some green bananas away hoping they will keep till Avonmouth. I wonder. The sea is lit up for phosphorous.

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