Wednesday February 17th 1943

Well it was real enough, once more we are on our way home but so very slowly. There is one ship with us that can only do a few knots. So we other two have to drop back. We have seen several aircraft today and once more we saw the coast. New Orleans, where we have picked up five more ships. Ships and boats everywhere.  But only five joined us. One is a great big 17,000 ton whaler by the same company as ours. They reckon that at this speed  we shall not get to New York till Sunday week. That is terribly slow travel.

I'm absolutely bum free now and am so glad. I've worked hard all day today. Transferred the spuds all on my own. Cleaned the frig. after stocking at Galveston. Eight crates of orange, eight crates of grapefruit, six apples, six pairs, four tomatoes and four sticks of bananas. My Cook looks like a banana, the reason is obvious, his weakness is fruit. Yet I never crave to eat one, an orange sometimes yes. I could not get any to bring home, they won't keep long enough. I had a good bath tonight, you know, two buckets and stand up. But I feel better for it especially after carrying those spuds.

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