Thursday 11th March 1943

7.30. I do not know how to start mentally and physically. I am nearly buggered up.

Wednesday 10th March 1943

Well '   Yer I be' in my bunk but not in bed, all my clothes on and everything I want to take with me- handy. There was nothing yesterday, just the usual routine. The old Carrier dodging around and planes flying on and off her.

Friday January 15th 1943

Getting nearer. I was told today that the Commodore's ship who had been holding us up all the way had to drop out yesterday owing to steering gear trouble. Now the other Commodore who took over has ordered 8 knots. So we are going faster now.

When we got on deck this morning it was pitch dark, we could see a fire in the distance. It turned out to be a Swedish ship (neutral) and it's not the first time it has happened this trip. Very ominous, for it will slow a convoy up for miles.

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