Lies just outside Dale. Parts of the wreck can be swum through as for the wheel house at 6 meters, and makes an excellent dive. It has about ten windows in a circular pattern that you can enter. Large conger and octopus are found, as well as the largest pollack fish I have ever seen. Cable laying ship sunk two days after the Dakota. Rock and gravel bottom. Depths at around 16m. Launch out of Dale or Gelliswick. Was one of the first casualties during the second world war in Milford Haven, but sank due to human error.

Wednesday 23rd December 1942

Did not notice it yesterday. Ship sunk in harbour. Just see masts. boys quite excited about it as I was when I saw one in Belfast  last trip.

Dakotian wreckDakotian Wreck

Monday 21st December 1942

Left Mai and Margaret at the dock gates, very sorrowfully, for I realised their helplessness, Yet I knew of Mai's capabilities to get on somehow. I was heartbroken to leave them but for some reason could not say so. Longing,  as I intended to do, wanted to do, say what was on my mind. The longing that I had to turn back.

After I had passed through I looked back, hoping yet fully knowing that I should not see them  for a long while. So I passed on to my ship and started work at once.

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