New York

Saturday 27th February 1943

Jove, I shall be glad to get away from this ship for awhile. I'm absolutely "browned off". The customs, sentiments and the selfishness of the Merchant Seamen annoys me and gets me down. I'm far too conscientious, for this life, yet stick it I must. Yes, I think I hate these people. There is far too much detail attached to it or to possibly say why.  When I had finished in the Galley I went to clean the big chamber out ready for the new. Then there was a break and the new stores came. It was not so cold as on the previous occasion in New York but plenty cold enough on deck.

Friday 26th February 1943

It was my lay in this morning, 8.15am when I got up. Dinner time at home. My thumb was not done last night and now after cleaning up all the muck of the galley the bandage and everything has come off. Any it is not redressed. It looks awful bad, not burst yet. I shall probably have to have it lanced. Now I have got a bad place coming upon my other hand, believe me I'm doing fine. Glad though my bum is better.

Thursday 25th February 1943

New York today. We first start running in about 3 o'clock. It will be after 8 before we are at anchor. It takes a long time to get in here, land both sides and ships in and out for miles. We passed a convoy going out. Wish we were in it. We may have to wait till Sunday before we can leave. Saw an enormous whale this morning near New York, right close to the ship.

Monday 18th January 1943

Nothing today, no doctor no excitement. Just work and rain and cold. But - the Skipper returned at 8.30 tonight. We have learned, uncertainly, that we stay here for a few more days yet. The truth is, Red Tape. American, at that and no one knows what to do with us. Send us south for repairs or stay here. Anyway, we shall be allowed ashore Tuesday, so my first visit to New York. I am looking forward to it too.

Saturday 16th January 1943

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