Saturday 6th February 1943

Today has been a funny day. Actually it is not Saturday but Sunday, here's why. When I finished yesterday at 5 o clock, I undressed completely then thought to myself, well I will lay down for five minutes and have a rest. I was going out to the club. When I woke up it was three in the morning and for the life of me I could not realise what had happened. Whether I had been ashore, where, if so had I been, how I came to be undressed like this and not in bed proper. I could not see my clothes for I had left them in the galley where I undressed prepared to wash.

Thursday 4th February 1943

Well it is nearly a week since I wrote anything in here. I do not know why but I have right-off writing, although I sent a telegram Monday night, to let you know I sent it to Co Cup' this time. But no reply has come yet, I enquired today. When I was ashore seeing the Doctor it was not until yesterday that I could pay him my first visit. Then I waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room for him. It was not his day but had arranged to see me. He did not arrive but those two hours were very pleasantly spent with his secretary, a most charming person, who's husband is in the services.

Sunday 17th January 1943

Well we have not gone yet. Our sailing orders were cancelled this morning but we do not know yet what is happening. They both came back early this morning. The Steward had a tube of stuff for my use but I have not used it yet. Later in the morning the Cook and he sneaked ashore to buy bread and saved us making it. They got sixty loaves and two quarts of beer.  Hurrah! The Coast Guard stopped them too late on the return but the man who let them go got into trouble. On each ship there are two coast guards to prevent anyone going ashore.

Sunday January 10th 1943

Roll on Monday. It is my turn for a lay in then. Everything has gone well today. It is just 1 o'clock and here I am going for my afternoon nap. We have just sited an aircraft Catalina flying boat from New Foundland. So we cannot be far from Halifax. No, nothing to be pleased about, for that is the subs hunting ground. In fact they closed Halifax not long ago. The sea is like a mill pond. Later the Cook and I have been up to Steward's room, on the booze - rum. I am smoking hard twist in my pipe now, soon I shall be chewing tobacco, typically sailor.

Saturday January 9th 1943

It is about time we saw a plane or planes from USA. We have speeded up to 6 knots, getting along better now. Had boat drill at 4.00. I very near got perished with this Antarctic cold. Got remainder of my equipment thanks to Bosun. Had shave and good wash. Steward, Cook and I going out at New York to see if we can get some buck skin clothes.Early to bed tonight with tea in cabin. Just Cook, Assistant Steward and I. 

Friday January 1st 1943

Nice day, calm  but heavy swell and cold. I feel fine in the morning till dinner time. when I went to the lav. Then the pain took me again, terribly so. In agony, could not ease it standing. laying or sitting. Glad it did not come on before dinner, for a lovely New Year meal was served from the galley. Twice I went to bed , got up again back to work, could not let my mate do it all . Eventually, after tea was served , I had to go. I just left the galley saying nothing and went to bed but not to ease. I was holding myself  when the steward came in and saw me. He said I am to see a Doc.

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