Thursday 11th March 1943

7.30. I do not know how to start mentally and physically. I am nearly buggered up.

Monday 8th March 1943

Roll, roll, pitch and toss. These seas have been hellish today. As though they want to break our back. However, we have managed to cook. I do not know how we are in warmer weather though for we have turned due south avoiding subs.  One was near us last night and was chased by two destroyers.

We have not seen the Carrier today, too rough. Supposed to be in Avonmouth on March 18th.

Sunday 7th March 1943

10.30 . tired and dizzy.  Yes, I've had dizzy feelings all day. Perhaps that is because I had a whole chicken for my dinner and two pork chops for my tea.

Some planes left our carrier this morning and came back a few hours later. We heard they had located a sub. which accounts for our changing course so much today.

We are rolling heavily now. I'm almost afraid to go to  bed because it is awful lying here and not able to sleep.

I've played cards 'crib' with Chippy again tonight and beat him three out of four.

Monday 22nd February 1943

Rest time. Well, we have some excitement last night. About 11 o'clock a sub was reported. All hands "Ready Aye Ready" guns loaded, straining our eyes through the moon lit seas for a periscope but we saw nothing. I eventually turned in, tired and fed up but could I sleep? No, not for the life of me. I was smoking and eating oranges at 1.30 this morning. "Thoughts" damn them, my mind would not go to sleep, it's horrible. Consequences up at 6 utterly fatigued before I start a fresh day. I saw some whales today, the spouting kind.

Sunday January 10th 1943

Roll on Monday. It is my turn for a lay in then. Everything has gone well today. It is just 1 o'clock and here I am going for my afternoon nap. We have just sited an aircraft Catalina flying boat from New Foundland. So we cannot be far from Halifax. No, nothing to be pleased about, for that is the subs hunting ground. In fact they closed Halifax not long ago. The sea is like a mill pond. Later the Cook and I have been up to Steward's room, on the booze - rum. I am smoking hard twist in my pipe now, soon I shall be chewing tobacco, typically sailor.

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