Christmas Day 1942

Left Belfast early this morning. Xmas at sea. Nearly did not leave for we had no Fourth Engineer. Chief refused to go without one. Got one eventually.  We all got up late this morning, we were not called by the sailor on watch, meant much hurry and bustle in galley,  caused bum to hurt again. Started then on medicine. Fires blew back, me too, burnt whole of my right arm, which was on the valve, adjusting the oil for flame. I swore good and proper.

We have not had our life belts yet. went to bed at 10/clock after big dinner. Rest time. We get that now. I had a funny mixed up dream. Been to lav and found I passed blood, wind up plenty. Bum hurting a lot. I think it must be the heat of the galley causing it.

Steward gave Cook and I bottle of rum. We drank it in my room, turned in very muddled. Glad, very glad Xmas is over. Thought of you all a lot today.

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