Thursday February 18th 1943

Clocks on one hour tonight, so we lose that much sleep. I am absolutely browned off today. I can do nothing but think, no wonder I'll never get fat. The Cook and I very nearly had a row dinner time. It was only avoided because I remembered it takes two to quarrel. I shut up even though I was right.

We have only seen one plane today , otherwise  nothing except the blue sea, sky and the galley. But it is early yet, just turned six o clock.

Nine p.m. It is a wonderful night out. Full moon, calm placid sea, typical sub. water and light. I am glad that by the time we get to and leave New York the moon will be gone. Sub. Commanders do not like moonless nights, they cannot see you. Now I am going to write to Fred. Goodnight and God bless you all.

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