Tuesday 19th January 1943

12.30. We have just finished serving dinner. Turkey again with chicken, lucky buggers eh! Why even now they are each looking at the clock working out "how long before tea time". No officials have been aboard yet, customs, immigration or anyone else. But that may be because there is another large convoy came in. My word this place is full of ships, they have a job to watch anyone. 

I am just having a break before going aloft to shift 30 bags of Yanky spuds. I suppose by now you have had my telegrams and know by now that I am ok and safe.

Well the spuds are moved, and stacked but it was terribly cold and wet up there. I perished, I'm glad it's done anyway. The Skipper came aboard at 8 o clock tonight with the very disappointing news that we sail at 6 in the morning and that we are going on our own to Galveston. The future outlook is not very good. To bed early, I get more rest now and my Bum is certainly Better.

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