Sunday 17th January 1943

Well we have not gone yet. Our sailing orders were cancelled this morning but we do not know yet what is happening. They both came back early this morning. The Steward had a tube of stuff for my use but I have not used it yet. Later in the morning the Cook and he sneaked ashore to buy bread and saved us making it. They got sixty loaves and two quarts of beer.  Hurrah! The Coast Guard stopped them too late on the return but the man who let them go got into trouble. On each ship there are two coast guards to prevent anyone going ashore. They are well armed and stay put on the boat.

We got our stores this morning. These Americans are certainly full of hygiene. Most particular with all their food. Even the swedes and spuds are well washed before handing them out. Even a sausage, each one is wrapped up. I'd love to live in the States.

I was called to Midships today, to see the doctor. He at once said I have Haemorrhoids and that he would speak to the Skipper and see about the Company's doctor seeing me. So now I know.

We have two new boys and one who has been to sea for two years.

Clean frig. Flag. Dump more meat. Health inspector. Turkey. And chicken bit of each. Eggs and chips, orange.

Telegram gone.

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