Monday 1st March 1943

Well and truly I think it will be the end of March before we get home. We have yet to call at Halifax to join another convoy. My word we will be large. If things happen as they did last night we shall lose time all the way. it is now 2 o clock we are reforming ourselves. For last night at 10 o clock the 3rd Mate got out of bearing and lost himself. This morning there was only one other ship and us. We were lost to the remainder.  Toward noon we found them sailing merrily along. It has all wasted precious hours. It is very much calmer now but very windy.

I've just had two accidents. I opened my wardrobe out fell all my hair oil and broke. I went straight back to the galley and a pot of dirty water went all over me through the ship rolling, dammit. I am all wet, that is my second wetting today for we had to transfer some sacks of spuds from the Centre Castle, aft, where they had all got flooded from the heavy seas. They was a hell of a job and very nearly messed my ticker up again but I would not show it. Les will not be a jibber if it kills me.

Evening, I have finished late tonight and am tired. But I have written six pages to Uncle Bert and will finish it tomorrow night. I have taken the dressings off my thumbs, I think they will get better quicker with nothing on. The one on my right looks very nasty and angry. Bum fine, fed up, otherwise ok. Goodnight all.

Just been out to P on deck. It is bitter cold out there and so very dark. One could easily walk over, goodbye. It would be terrible to be bumped on a night like this, one would not last long in an open boat. You cannot even see the sea it is so absolutely dark.

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