Thursday 25th February 1943

New York today. We first start running in about 3 o'clock. It will be after 8 before we are at anchor. It takes a long time to get in here, land both sides and ships in and out for miles. We passed a convoy going out. Wish we were in it. We may have to wait till Sunday before we can leave. Saw an enormous whale this morning near New York, right close to the ship.

I'm fed up with preparing these enormous meals, and today at tea time has helped make me fed up with it. We had the Carpenter working in the galley. Mutton chops and mash, mince pies, cold meat, onion and tomato salad, macaroni, au gratin oranges, how's that?!

I went into the Gunner's mess tonight and played Nap. First time for many moons. I won two dollars and 2/6. We were playing mixed money, English and American. It is late now so I am turning in. Good night.

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