Friday 5th March 1943

Yes thank you, I must have been very tired for I slept pretty well. And when I got up this morning I had to dash straight to the lav, bad luck, I'll tell you why. It hurt and started my pain again, also, I dropped a lot of buttons out of my overall pockets. I did not bother to look for or pick them up. I wish I had done so now for I find I dropped my lighter as well. Now it is lost, stolen or strayed. I have put a lost notice on board hoping it might come back. Who knows.

There is some lovely music on the wireless, it is grand to listen to.

The weather has definitely turned for the better after a dreadful freeze up last night. We had to go down into the bowels of the ship for water this morning. in fact one had to lean over the revolving shaft to get it. I thought what if we get bumped now, you would not stand an earthly chance down there.

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