Tuesday January 26th 1943

There is not much news today. Bacon, sausage and bread-- Turkey for dinner, cold, cold lunch. For Tea- Pork and ham, Fish cakes, Jelly, apples, cheesetrifle chips. How's that.

No one seems to know who our Editor is but here is today's news :

The Captain who is an Authority on " Hot Spots"

Was heard to remark,

that he was  having all members of the crew

as guests at a well known club in Galveston.

I appeal to the Chief Steward to give an issue of lime juice,

as I am given tom understand

the galley boy is out of control.

I thank all my readers for co-operating and

enabling me to get a large supply of chalk and

now carry on the good work.


My bum has given me some trouble today. I could have cried this afternoon with pain. No way I sat or lay would ease it. I passed blood this morning, perhaps that is why.

Seen another Yankee sub today and an albatross perched amidships.

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