Saturday 26th December 1942

Very hard day today, terrible weather, rough ,cold and windy. My energy used up. Standing up catching pots and pans, still trouble with fires.  Supposed to be lying up in New York for 3 weeks, dry dock, all necessary repairs and replacements to be made there,  which will mean practically a new galley. It will be better to work in then. Our convoy is very small only 9 ships,  1 corvette 1 destroyer. I'm surprised but we are joining another one from Liverpool soon.

HMS RhododendronHMS Rhododendron - a typical corvette

Steward said come to my room when finished, we did. 1 measly bottle of beer but must not grumble had more wallop this last trip. Bum bad, makes me feel awful. Told Cook if he sees me sitting down, not to think I am lazy but as he said he knows better than that. I am convinced the galley causes it.

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