Monday February 8th 1943

Well Mai, another day gone. One of the firemen brought a puppy on board last night and we fed it in the galley this morning. A nice thing but a bitch. It was a stray at the club. I saw it there but took no notice thinking it belonged to someone there.

I have seen the Doctor, the usual procedure. There were two other chaps there including the one with the dog. We came out together and till 8 o clock had toured the shops. Buying funny little things including six cups and saucers. I may get more of them tomorrow for he and I have both got to go back again at 4 o clock Tuesday. I am definitely better but as the Doctor says he will operate on me again then. I have got some of the dinkiest little under pants for myself. That is all and I could not get them to understand Margo's size so I could not get her stockings, so I bought anklets for her. I cannot write this in my letter as the customs may catch me when I get back. I have got some for you Mai and some bloomers as they call them here. Oh! and I've got some funny presents and combs.

This chap and I then came back to the ship with our loads. The Customs here are not so hot as at Port Arthur, otherwise we would be caught. I hope it will be ok at Avonmouth."Bread and butter".

 We tossed a coin whether we should go out again to the club dance but lost. So here still, on the ship and soon I am going to bed as I am now tired and hungry. I cannot get anything to eat because the keys are locked up and the Steward has gone to the dance. So I go to bed hungry but that won't hurt me. Goodnight all God Bless.

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