Saturday 6th February 1943

Today has been a funny day. Actually it is not Saturday but Sunday, here's why. When I finished yesterday at 5 o clock, I undressed completely then thought to myself, well I will lay down for five minutes and have a rest. I was going out to the club. When I woke up it was three in the morning and for the life of me I could not realise what had happened. Whether I had been ashore, where, if so had I been, how I came to be undressed like this and not in bed proper. I could not see my clothes for I had left them in the galley where I undressed prepared to wash. I could not understand it until eventually I got up at 6.30, went to the galley to work and there saw my clothes, toothpaste and everything. And so goes Sunday, we finished at dinner. Half the crew are still ashore so we do not cook tea. Give them a tin of meat, peaches and a big cake each. That freed us.

 I went ashore with the Steward, pictures then the club. They are holding a farewell dance for our ship Monday night. It should be quite nice for all of the other ships are invited. Of course and there will be plenty of girls there , Texans, Spanish, Mexicans, oh! all kinds. Plenty to eat for the ship supplies the eats and the Skipper the drink. And so to bed once more. I missed the Rodeo at Houston, the biggest of the year.

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