Sunday 21st February 1943

We are still going eight knots, have passed Key West and to avoid subs. are well out to sea instead of following the coast as subs are there. New York is our next stop. It was at Key West we joined up with those other ships. It is hotter today than at any time I have known. I am very nearly nude. Turkey for dinner today, I carved up three large ones for 47 men, not bad!

Here is today's news:-

One who has an interest in such things has reported that there were  2,300,000 births in the USA in 1942. An all time record. But one, in the know, has said that 1943 will best even that fine feat because of the visit to Galveston of the Empire Opal. They say that the Junior Apprentice has a bad heart, some say that Mary-Anne broke it.

There is some speculation as to who won the favours of the young Amazon in the "Schooner Bar" while the ship was in Galveston. Out of this keen rivalry I was told that the Carpenter emerged on top.


Have I said that I want to man one of our new guns, A.A. they are beautiful toys, with a nasty crack and a nastier sting.

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