Tuesday February 16th 1943

I've got five minutes. That start last night was the start. We are now in the blue sea. There are only three of us. One English, one Yanky and one Norwegian. We have four escorts, so we should be safe enough for a while. We will probably pick up a bigger convoy later on our way to New York or Halifax. Then home.

My God, what a relief to be able to go places with no pain. Except just a little after effects, that doctor certainly did me good. I wish he could have had time to give me complete treatment. I am so pleased about myself.

Saw an aircraft this morning about 9.30, the first yet. I often think of you Mai, when I have come home from a trip ( and you have been washing or ironing (burnt soap) ). You were happy then weren't you? And as soon as you saw me coming on would go the tea pot. I am already getting my stores together.

That little start appears to be THE start; for we are still going. Goodnight all.

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