Thursday January 28th 1943

Well, no news today. Up this morning, you know, then work, plenty of it.

What do you think they had for tea today? Kippers, steak and kidney pie, mashed spuds, cakes, grapefruit, (fresh) lettuce, beetroot, tomato and the Officers had pineapples as well. The brave Silent Service, dodges of the army I call them.

Yes, we have arrived but  are anchored outside and not going in until Friday morning. Then straight into dry dock, perhaps for three weeks. I wonder how much of that will be a holiday for the galley staff as there are a number of repairs to be done there including a new stove(perhaps). I have really given up hopes of that. I have given my letters to the jolly Captain.

There are lights all around us here up the mouth of the river, where we are anchored just swinging with the tide. I have had a shave and wash, next thing I want is a hair trim. I have had more bum trouble.

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