Wednesday 30th December 1942

Well, I went to bed in a calm quiet sea but soon after, up it came. Tossing the ship about like so much cork. Once we were hit by a wave so hard that the whole ship quivered, upsetting all and sundry. Our two armchairs flung themselves at my bunk (bed) frightening me stiff. The boy jumped out of his bunk shouting "We've been bumped Chef, get up quick" and he really thought that we had been torpedoed. It was a nightmare of a night, and so the bad weather continues again. It is very trying to one's stamina, strong and weak alike." I am weak". Literally weak, my bum hurts bad and I've developed a good dose of the flu. Every time I cough or strain it makes my bum worse.  So imagine how I feel. Oh! Fine thank you! Liar.  The Cook told me to go to bed till 3 p.m. which I did and was thankful. Can't bath no more in this cold weather, did me no more good than clean me. I had tripe and plenty of onions for my supper tonight and some hot whisky to make me sweat it out. Also umpteen aspirins, there are no doctors here in the North Atlantic.

We joined another convoy today, so we are getting bigger, also a large troopship. Could not gas Corvette again, pipe lines kept breaking. Tried for three hours, gave it up, bad job. Do not know what they will do without fuel, though they managed to get a drop. We are keeping clear of subs. Thank the Lord. We had eleven round us here-abouts last trip. Jove! It is cold here,wet and windy. The power that controls seas like this must be mighty, one has to see it, to know, or even believe it. They are indescribable. I'm glad our ship shakes and creaks , like the suspension bridge. I feel fine tonight, much better.

Fueling at sea

The Steward, I , and Cook went into the latter's room and there imbibed in the luxury of rum, sandwiches and a chat. I did enjoy myself.

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