Wednesday January 13th 1943

As soon as I got up this morning and had some tea, off I had to go again. You will get fed up with reading about my pain. I've had it all day. Our clocks went back the last hour tonight till New York. It is 10 o'clock now that's 16 hours of it, 17 actually, I surely believe this is part punishment for although I had my easy job it is down that I go back to where this trouble of mine originated. The galley, fate sent me into it again and I must bear it.

More trouble, our stores are running flat. Nearly a month it will be England to New York, unheard of. Our frig is almost bare and we have a few days to go yet. To make matters worse our water is giving out and taps are turned off at 6 o'clock to ration what is left. Our Skipper sent a message asking if we could go on ahead of the convoy to get replenished for we are still going slow. But permission was not granted to here we are still. I learned today we shall not stop in New York long, but down to Galveston nearly 2000 miles away, to go into dock and reload. So that means that it will be the end of March near enough getting home. No wonder I feel sad and full of depression. What I have bought onto myself and mine, God only knows. Can anyone forgive me and forget, day and night I think of it all. No one knows.

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