Sunday 24th January 1943

Well I had a good night last night. I had two sandwiches and tea, fiddled about,

made myself a new white hat and here we are. Already the chaps are going around semi nude. No work Sundays except for the galley. The gunners have got their guns to pieces. Others are doing their dobying. Myself, I have snatched a few minutes to write this bit. It is just 10 o clock here. That means 3.30 in England.  We are just cooking our dinner. You have had yours but not the same as us, I bet, Roast Duck eh!

Here is this morning's news-


They say that Lofty and the Cook have buried the hatchet.

and that Lofty has agreed to go ashore with him in appreciation

of the delicious dinners served lately.

Owing to the ration of chalk, news will be unavoidably held over.


3 p.m. More news--

Sunday thought  'The Way of Life'

The Cook has let out, through diplomatic channels,

that, given a 'Backhander' at the end of the voyage,

he will even surpass the wonderful performance he has set up

during the last few days.

These news bits are getting funnier than ever.

Had my shorts on today. Everyone admired them and thought I was posh.

Seen two dreadful looking sharks today. At time could only see their dorsal fins, terrible looking creatures. We saw Daytona Beach, where they race the cars. Palm Beach and Miami again where the 17 mile long bridge is. In fact saw it plain this trip.

It is terribly hot tonight- have been on deck watching the shore lights. About  seven miles away. They twinkle very prettily from here. It is very sultry out on deck and in my cabin. At the end of the alley way there is not a breath of air. All ports closed under the heat from the engine room is added to the heat of the air itself. It is stiffling. How would you like to be here. Not a women within 12,000,000,000 miles. In fact I think the nearest one must be on the moon. Anyway I have not seen since I left you both at Avonmouth, December the 21st. The men round around anyhow and sometimes one can see the horizon and all the beautiful stars. Ahem.

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