Friday 19th February 1943

Something just reminded me I'm British. It is two o clock, I am lying on my bunk. Right out here someone has just played on the wireless our Anthem. Very strange to hear that out here. I am writing to Mai.

We had a report that there was a sub. at Key West this morning. We should be due there any time now but we are going very slow, six knots. There are seven ships now, still with four Yanky escorts. Seven is a lucky number.

Here we are again, it is 10 o clock now. We are due at Key West at 8 a.m. tomorrow where we shall await another convoy.

I scrubbed my Mac (sic) today, the same as I saw someone else do it once. It appears to be OK too. I'm very tired now and want to go to sleep. I've worked very hard since I got up this morning.

At last our newsman has started his newspaper. Here is today's news:


It has come to my knowledge that the new gun layer on the next voyage to Galveston will buy up all controlling shares of the Fremont Tavern. And that a certain lady in white will be the Hostess.

They say there is a possibility of having shore leave at "Noo York".

No doubt the Chief Sparks will be delighted. For then he will be able to contact old friends- the 'Noo York cops!

The Cook is delighted with the two new port holes in the galley, for it means that the galley boy can have a clear view of both sides and stern, without having to go outside.

Now I am going to sleep. "No Star"

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