Thursday 21st January 1943

It is appreciably warmer. At 10 knots (14 miles an hour). It is now 1 o'clock. How far have we come since yesterday morning at six? I came to my cabin at 11 o/clock this morning, opened the post. I leant against it swaying with the gentle heave and roll of the boat. Quiet. I looked out, sun shining on a very tranquil sea. I watched it, the gentle waves a few ripples only. It made me wonder at life, my life, what it is, what does it mean. I cannot understand. I am going to try and get fifty winks now. We saw lights in the dark this morning. We saw them on the last trip but later on. Only now we have found out what they are. Tiny islands  as are dotted around these parts, also a light ship.

Plenty of activity on deck today in the warmer atmosphere. Gun cleaning, painting and repairs which could not be done in the cold. Even our big 4-7  gun, froze on its cogs and could not be turned. Woe betide us if there were subs around at the time we could not defend ourselves. It is ok now.

You know I think I have got the screws. My right arm will only go up so far. It is in my shoulder actually. I had a devil of a job to shave tonight. We saw our first porpoise today. It started raining this evening but there is no wind and the sea is calm and definitely warmer. It is remarkable the difference a few miles  will make in the climate. I made myself a corned beef sandwich tonight -  all American with plenty of mustard. My first today, I did enjoy it. It is 10 o'clock now, 3 a.m. at home. I am in bed. My mate is bringing me a cup of tea from the pantry. Everyone is writing out their shopping lists ready for Galveston.

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