Sunday 27th December 1942

Ship still rolling. In really bad weather now, wonder what it feels like to be still, on Terra Firma, not straining to balance oneself..

Keep on wondering about Mai and Margo, would like Margo to finish schooling at Kidderminster as she likes the school so much. My God I have made them two suffer , so selfishly have I led my life but somehow I'll put it right. Poor kid, Margo, my only child. I've never given her a real chance, have I, and it worries me. Now I'm asking them to move again, poor Mai. Forgive me both of you, how you must have suffered, for me. God will let me live if only to right the wrong I have done and that's plenty.

We joined the other convoy today, making us about 20 ships all shapes and sizes. But if this weather continues we shall all be getting lost again. Had boat drill today at 4 p.m. 5 p.m. in England.

The boys cleaned our bathroom toilet today, we have been using the Fireman's place. I had my first bath, stand up, or rather (roll up) bath. I am still longing to be able to sit in it. I cleaned the frig out, plenty of muck and rubbish. Goodnight all, what a Sunday.

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