Wednesday January 27th 1943

Ah! Well! there tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness and another wire home. I am definitely going to the British Hospital here and see if I can get some satisfaction about myself. Have seen no planes today. Perhaps they think we are safe now. I hope so anyway, one never knows.

The storm did not hit us but was all around. We've had heavy rain and mist all day with a choppy sea but nothing serious. It is much colder and darker.

Here is today's news-

The Cook was heard to say to the galley boy that

the mosquitoes in Texas are so big, that an aviation mechanic poured ten gallons of spirit into it before he realised it was a pursuit plane.

I find through some of my fifth column agents that the gun layer is short of ammunition. But in the event of enemy action, the Cook will come to the rescue with some of his favourite peas.


Later he had rubbed all that out and has now put-

Will arrive tomorrow between four and eight. So get your letters written to home as they may be worrying about you.

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