Wednesday 23rd December 1942

Did not notice it yesterday. Ship sunk in harbour. Just see masts. boys quite excited about it as I was when I saw one in Belfast  last trip.

Dakotian wreckDakotian Wreck

Faraday Wreck

Behar Wreck (not pictured)

We left Milford at 3 a.m.  so was asleep. Have developed better system. Make beds first. Started washing walls (bulkheads) today. Captain pleased. Should have had shoot six miles out but too misty and cold.

Bum good and behaving, still no medicine.

Captain came today ,my table. Shock tonight, Steward asked me to go to his room to have a word with me. I wondered what was up, knowing that I had done no wrong. He gave me the rum bottle ,said help yourself. I did. Then asked me to  galley. I knew the assistant cook was no good. After talking it over and in my condition I said yes. Could have kissed me, so could Cook. I got quite muzzy with rum and so to bed.




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