Wednesday 3rd March 1943

We are still going very slowly along. It is 11.30 night. I have just packed up something stitching for May, I hope she will like it for I have been doing it on and off ever since we left.

This morning it was clear and calm, later it came up rough, wind and heavy rain, heavy seas. Murder in the galley then it came over misty and we have been going dead slow ever since. We have had to leave our stern light on, which is a bad thing, just in case the ship behind us comes too close and bumps into us. At regular intervals each ship "blows up" his number. The hooter is right above my cabin, it's a terrible din. But now the fog had cleared and we are still together and that is good steering considering how black it is out. One part of this convoy is for Tunis, another for Russia, and one for home. Which are we? Home I hope!

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