Friday January 29th 1943

The morning went along as usual and at 3 o'clock we moved into the wharf. There are ships all round us, for repair. Ours is the second in our wharf. There are all nations ships here. A lot of chaps went ashore as soon as they could. I suppose they will all get drunk and into trouble. I was going shore but afterwards decided not to. There is plenty of time for that. Instead I am in bed at 8 o'clock. The best place I think, do not you? I will go ashore Saturday night. Goodnight all. God bless.

Oh! The activity here, it is very noisy and most of the work is done by Coloureds here in Texas. Some seem to think we shall be here 6 weeks. Six weeks dry land but on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Goodnight again.

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