Thursday 4th March 1943

My error, the fog did not entirely life and so it went on all night that terrible hooter. About 15 blasts each time in code at regular intervals. No wonder I had no sleep last night and no matter which way I lay the rolling ship would twist me back again, then back and soon, no, I had no sleep at all. In fact was awake smoking when the gunner on watch came in to call me.

Everything has gone wrong today and I am just about fed up with it all. Nothing is still. Good Lord I'd never have dreamt there could be such weather. Every time I look at the sea I say to myself "Ugh!" Glad I'm not in it, one would not last five minutes in seas like this. Cold itself would knock you out.

Now I'm fit for a rolling bed. I tried to sleep but how can you when you are so continuously turned over. No matter how taut you hold yourself you have to roll.

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