Tuesday 29th December 1942

Well, the Cook and I have just finished, 9.30 p.m. We were baking till 8.15p.m. then work in the frig. till now. And here I am, in my cabin, no wash, no nothing, too darned tired. We are in calm seas now, thank the Lord, as I shall sleep well tonight. The bum does not ache now but has burned terribly all day. I went to bed this afternoon till 3 o clock. I have a nice cabin now, roomy and the wireless next door in the sailors mess room. This is the best placed cabin in the ship, everyone is envious and I can understand them.

We saw a plane from Greenland today, we were going very slow, our bottom I am told is covered in barnacles.

 I do not think my bath did me any good, I have a nasty cough, nothing serious.

They have put the pipe lines on board today , from another boat. We are gassing a corvette tomorrow. It is quite calm now quite at rest.  I am learning more from this Cook in this short while, than I did the whole period with the other fool. This chap is not like the other, not a bit condescending.

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