Wednesday 24th February 1943

Slept better last night, not so hot, we are coming into the cold weather now. The change is very sudden. The deck was all wet with rain this morning and the sea noticeably rougher.

Chippy beat me twice last night but I beat him at battleships. Went to bed about 11 o'clock. My thumb is worse Stewart going to dress it tonight.

Now for 40 winks ----. Well here I be again, this time holding the pencil in my two fingers like this - V. I had a lovely bath tonight, fine and clean now. Then the dear Steward put on kaolin on my thumb. Yes, it was hot, I yelled, took it off first time, then on it went again till tomorrow night. It is throbbing like old boots now, I can feel it drawing.

No other news today, just getting very much colder. One can feel the change in the weather like cold water to hot.

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