Sunday 28th February 1943

Left New York. We all thought we were going ashore yesterday, but here we are once more on the briny in one of the biggest convoys to leave New York. 80 odd ships, all shapes andsizes including troop carriers. The emigration people were aboard yesterday for our identifications etc. We do not yet know why even anyway we did not go ashore.

It is 1.30 now we are rolling like - you know just like. The convoy is not yet formed, but forming. Everywhere you look are ships pointing in all directions. It's a marvellous sight in the rough sea. The sun is shining fine. It's not cold but there is a helluva March wind. The ships keep bobbing up and down in their respective "Wholes". At 3 o'clock this morning a sailor woke me up asking for the galley key as the anchor light leaves from the galley and they had to take it off and black out the kitchen ready for sea. He said "We are leaving". I was surprised as there was a rumour they were going to discharge the cargo owing to a faulty tank. At 6 o'clock I thought we were still there as there was not a movement on the boat but we were well out. The rough sea has come up since about 10 o'clock. We have had a helluva job cooking dinner. You see the ship keeps turning to get into line and every time it turns it meets a heavy sea which hits the ship ass overhead. Turkey and chicken for dinner today, yes I had some of each.

I do not know whether I have mentioned it but I have cut my other thumb now and had to have it dressed at Mid Ships. So now both my thumbs are tied up and indisposed. It is very awkward.

Half pound pork chops and chips, cheese, salad, orange cake, cold meat. How's that for tea?

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