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Tuesday 2nd March 1943

Well I am afraid I have not any news today except I think we shall dock about the 16th or 17th March anyway just about Pat's birthday. I tried to count the ships today but as far as I could see, I counted 57. There are more out of sight. I managed to be some dobeying tonight and it has washed my thumbs clean. It stung very much. We lose another hours sleep tonight, the clocks go on one hour.

Thursday February 18th 1943

Clocks on one hour tonight, so we lose that much sleep. I am absolutely browned off today. I can do nothing but think, no wonder I'll never get fat. The Cook and I very nearly had a row dinner time. It was only avoided because I remembered it takes two to quarrel. I shut up even though I was right.

We have only seen one plane today , otherwise  nothing except the blue sea, sky and the galley. But it is early yet, just turned six o clock.

Saturday January 23rd 1943

No sign of our friends the Jerries today but as soon as it was light enough, there were warplanes to greet us. Those chaps fly so low as to wave to us. Last trip (I may have mentioned it in my other diary) there was a seagull with only one leg. I am sure it is the same one we have seen today in approximately the same place. Others are just as convinced as I am.

The pump man has given me a nice piece of calico to make myself an apron with.

Wednesday January 13th 1943

As soon as I got up this morning and had some tea, off I had to go again. You will get fed up with reading about my pain. I've had it all day. Our clocks went back the last hour tonight till New York. It is 10 o'clock now that's 16 hours of it, 17 actually, I surely believe this is part punishment for although I had my easy job it is down that I go back to where this trouble of mine originated. The galley, fate sent me into it again and I must bear it.

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